Tom Dugan Stars In The Raciest Movie on Tubi

Tom Dugan Stars In The Raciest Movie on Tubi

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Los Angeles, CA, Release: March 21, 2021. For Immediate Release.

FreeStyle Digital Media announces the re-release of the summer classic “TWOGETHER” for high definition download. In 1995 Sony Pictures Entertainment originally released “TWOGETHER,” which took the world by storm one kiss at a time. Showcasing Jeremy Piven (“Entourage”) as Arnie, “TWOGETHER” follows the story of a sultry duo of lovers who lose themselves in a weekend of crazy, passionate, intimate, dirty sex.

“In many ways, “TWOGETHER” is timelier today than when it was first released,” comments Writer/Director Andrew Chiaramonte. “Casual sex leading nowhere is a sign of the time; another 'drug' of sorts to help distance oneself from the harsh reality of today's world.”

Produced by Emmett Alston and Andrew Chiaramonte, the film stars Nick Cassavetes (“Hangover II,” director of “Notebook”), Brenda Bakke (“Hot Shots! Part Deux”), Jeremy Piven (“Mr Selfridge”) and Jim Beaver (“Supernatural”).

"When have you ever seen a film where the woman talks about not coming. In that particular scene, I liked the fact that the man didn’t try to penetrate her, but instead tried oral sex instead." - JOHN GRUBER, DAILY NEWS

John Madler (Nick Cassavetes) is an upandcoming, erratic, starving artist who believes in the value of artistic expression, forms a strong attraction to Allison McKenzie (Brenda Bakke) a rich woman from Bel Air who is hoping for an escape from reality. When the two meet up at an art convention, it's lust at first sight, and absolutely nothing can prevent them from leaving for to Las Vegas along side each other for what becomes a wild time of sexual abandon and intoxication - a lost weekend where they give in to their desires and their passions without retraint. But when emotions gets involved, their affair built on lust proceeds to mold into something unanticipated. “TWOGETHER” is about a a overview of the love between two individuals; this is an example of how a man and a woman can fall for each other even when they shouldn't, but can make it work even when it's almost not deserving of it.

“TWOGETHER” is now available for immediate download on iTunes (, Amazon (, Google Play (, YouTube (, and Microsoft Movies & TV (including Xbox)( for rent or purchase.


The film is distributed by FreeStyle Digital Media ( and is unrated.

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The 5-Second Trick For 90's Movies

the Film that had every single '90s kid imagining they should surely turn into a whale coach when they expand up.

sixty five Metascore Two detectives, a rookie as well as a veteran, hunt a serial killer who uses the seven lethal sins as his motives.

It is possible to’t defeat a common gangster film - and this was on the list of best possible. Liotta, De Niro and Pesci excel underneath Scorsese’s direction, providing a wonderful exposition on the mob Way of life - the downfalls and violence, and also the glamour.

Among the list of all-time biggest movie cops, she little by little parts together the puzzle of a spate of killings in Minneapolis, before the movie involves a thrilling conclusion. *Warning: Has creative usage of a woodchipping machine*

By 1956, Cassavetes experienced begun teaching an alternative choice to approach acting in his individual workshop—co-Established with Mate Burt Lane in New York City—by which character creation, as an alternative to backstory or narrative necessities, would function The premise for efficiency.[twenty] Cassavetes was particularly scornful of Lee Strasberg's Process-based Actors Studio, believing that the strategy was "much more a sort of psychotherapy than of performing" which resulted in sentimental cliches and self-indulgent emotion.

So I had been ready to encourage her to come together. I believed her character was necessary to aid round out Piven’s character.

Stanley Kubrick’s strange and experimental masterpiece ‘A Clockwork Orange’ could very easily be recognized as being a Film that dramatically adjusted the definition of present-day cinema. Fundamentally a criminal offense film which is set in futuristic and dystopian London, it is a superb depiction of youth delinquency as well as the society’s seemingly obnoxious tries at curbing transgressions. With western classical tunes by Beethoven as being the history score, crooked camera angles and violence interspersed with niceties; the movie at once captivated and distracted audiences.

Toy Tale (1995) grew to become the primary feature duration movie for being fully Laptop animated, heralding its use being a Device for filmmakers to attain new visuals for film.

77 Metascore A misfit ant, looking for "warriors" to save his colony from greedy grasshoppers, recruits a group of here bugs that change into an inept circus troupe.

It's challenging to tell you A great deal relating to this movie without having giving freely many of the ideal twists and turns, but it's about an odd Workplace and a strange tunnel which is driving a submitting cabinet. The rest you can it's possible guess in the title.

70 Metascore Ambitious but troubled Film director Edward D. Wooden Jr. tries his very best to fulfill his goals, In spite of his lack of talent.

82 Metascore The presidencies of Kennedy and Johnson, the Vietnam War, the Watergate scandal as well as other historic events unfold from the standpoint of the Alabama male by having an IQ of 75, whose only want would be to be reunited along with his childhood sweetheart.

Effectively a human body horror movie which has distinct psychological and philosophical things, the movie was included to your National Movie Registry

86 Metascore An aged guy helps make a protracted journey by lawnmower to mend his romance by having an ill brother.

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